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   ”Rebekah, love
   —- where are you?”



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✖ Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. Original Character - Biography
✖ Friendly Mun with 6+ years of roleplaying experience
✖ Up to date on MCU - including TWS
✖ Mun and muse are both 18+
✖ Multi-ship and multi - verse
✖ Up for many genres of verses (from fluff to deadly)

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So Kirsten and I decided to do a science to see which tags worked with blacklist. I blacklisted #banana with TS and she posted a few random text posts with commonly used trigger tags involving the word “banana.”

Here are ~~the results~~:


as you can see, my blacklist did not pick up this post because there was no hashtag in front of “banana.” So, you cannot count on someone’s blacklist picking up a triggering post just because the trigger word is in the body of the post. 


this is what happened when Kirsten tagged a post with #banana cw. So if you tag your posts with #trigger cw, you are good!

Here is where I was proven wrong, however:



My blacklist did pick up this post, even though there was no space in between #banana” and the slash. So if you tag your posts with #trigger///, you are good!


My blacklist did not pick up this post, because Kirsten tagged it with #tw: banana, and I had blacklisted #banana. So again, if you tag your posts with #tw: trigger, you risk unintentionally triggering people. Please don’t tag this way!



my blacklist did pick up this post, because again, #banana was the first word in the tag. 

To conclude, here are a list of trigger tags that blacklist will pick up:

  • trigger cw
  • trigger
  • trigger/
  • trigger //

here are a list of tags that blacklist will not pick up:

  • tw: trigger
  • a trigger word in the body of the post

To conclude further:

  • Blacklisting #trigger with a hashtag is the best way to prevent yourself from seeing triggering content on your dash
  • Tagging with the trigger word first is the only way to prevent your followers from seeing triggering posts. 
  • You cannot count on blacklist picking up a post just because the trigger word is mentioned in the body of the post. 

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i think im going to be on bonnie for a while

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Make my muse blush in 5 sentences or less.




Bonus points if you get the mun to blush, too!

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people that will rp lengthy and detailed scenarios with you

people that will frequently rp with you

people that will rp your otp with you

people that will rp with you


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       Jeremy leaned forward, eyes narrowing playfully. “You may have heard the rumors about Elena, and trust me, every one is true. But I do know how to cook,” he told her. Pulling her a little closer and toying with the fabric he now had beneath his hand, Jeremy kissed her cheek softly.

                             And followed obediently.

       ”It’s not gonna kill you,” he told her, tacking on a roll of his eyes. “Trust me, it’s my dad’s recipe. Just…sit and enjoy yourself, okay? Look, the falls, how pretty, almost as pretty as you are.” He may be nervous about this.

       Rebekah gave Jeremy an inquisitive look, not quite ready to believe him on word alone. “I’ll be the judge of that. Italian is one of my favorite types of cuisine.” Her goal was to see how wound up she could get the poor teenager before the end of their meal. It was a bad habit of hers.

        Before the blonde sat down she had cleared the area of any dirt that had made it’s way onto the blanket. Her legs curled underneath her and she glanced up at Jeremy with a polite smile. “Well I’m excited to try his invention,” she said and provided a proper smile. “Luckily I have great entertainment in front of me just in case.”
                -“Calm the poetic attempts there, Romeo. It’s not like this is our first moment alone.”

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         She’d been touching him more, he noticed, along with letting herself be touched by him. She was either getting used to his touchy-feely crap or really was opening up to him a little more. Whatever the reason, he liked the feel of her hand in his hair. “I’ll keep that in mind, gotta say it’s kinda nice without being bogged down by all that dark fabric.”

         And the kissing, the kissing was good too. When she pulled away he was grinning, and it took him a second too long to recover. He gestured over his shoulder to the picnic and winked at her. “No nachos, but surprise? Italian, if that helps sooth your nerves.” Parmesan eggplant, sausage bolognese, an a mason jar of limoncello that he’d made the weekend prior just to see Elena’s face when she drank it.

      “Oh?” Rebekah said. Her blue eyes were wide with the surprise Jeremy had pulled. “Was that on sale at the grocery store earlier today?” she teased. She had pulled their conjoined hands behind her back and rested his hand on her hip. “I’ve heard the rumors about your family and kitchens. Caroline is a chatterbox.” But that last comment was a bit redundant. She had been at the school for a month now, one was bound to learn within two hours of their first day.

      She strung him along with her, insured by her grip on the hand she had placed on her waist. “I’m excited and nervous all in one. Mostly to see which item it is that will be the death of me - or if it’ll be you.”

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Title: Heaven Knows
Artist: The Pretty Reckless
Album: Going To Hell
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      He snickered, his fingertips playing with the ends of her hair as he pulled away. His hand brushed along her arm and caught her hand, grinning at her as he tugged her forward gently.

             ”Would you prefer I set it up somewhere dark and dank? And unfortunately the hoddie was left at home, enjoy it while it lasts.”

      She looked beautiful; her hair glinting like gold as the sun bounced off it, looking perfect and unbelievable and way out of his league. “You look incredible, by the way,” he told her. He looked passable, but he’d left the eyeliner at home and opted out of letting his hair get gross. Jenna had nearly fallen out of her chair in shock, staring at him when he’d gotten out of the shower.

        Rebekah was quick to shake her head in protest. “Hardly. I enjoy seeing you in a more flattering color” Her free hand reached up and shook his dark brown locks. “Lighter colors to contrast your dark hair. I’ve dated a brooder, not much fun and I can tell that there’s more to you than a a goth phase.” It was all written in his eyes. He was just a troubled teenager who needed someone to show him that not everything was as bad as it seemed.

       She dropped her hand from his head and traded her platonic expression with a kiss upon his lips. “Thank you,” she smiled. “Now what do you have for us today? A bit more than nachos and red vines, perhaps?”

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